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In 1982, while working as manager at Camera House in Rotorua, I first realised the future importance of computers in the business arena. At the end of the first day of using the new computerised till, it produced reports that normally would have taken several hours. All this in 15 minutes while I was cashing up! This allowed me to have more productive time in the shop where I needed to be rather than spending several hours a day in the office.

This had to be the way of the future and I needed to find out more about these new machines.

After 2 years at Camera House I left and worked at two computing stores in Rotorua gaining more valuable computing knowledge. In 1986 I was invited to teach evening computing classes at Waiariki Polytechnic. That was the start of a whole new chapter in life. In March 1987 I accepted a full-time tutoring position and remained there till August 2009.

Those 23 years had been spent writing student manuals and delivering class sessions. Combined with my past computing experience and my Diploma Web Mastery, I feel I am fairly well prepared for new challenges in the computing area.

Working as a tutor, I had to source data then be able to compile and deliver content at a high standard and often in quite short time frames. Time management is of prime importance to achieve this. Prior to the Camera House period, my training was as an A Grade Automotive Engineer and nearly 10 years of that time involved with race cars here in New Zealand and in Canada. This training has followed me into the computing area and has led me to seek efficiency in the tasks I take on.

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