About Us - Abingdon Computing Essentials, Rotorua.
Why the name Abingdon?
Abingdon in England is the home of the Competition Department of what used to be British Leyland. It is where many race MG's, Minis, and Triumphs were built. One of the race teams I worked with in Canada had the name of Abingdon Motors, as you can see from some of the photos. As Abingdon starts with "ab" it will be listed early in the phone book.
How do I increase the font size in my browser?
There are a few ways of doing this. Try holding down the Ctrl (Control) key and quietly pressing the "Plus" key on the numeric keypad at the right of your keyboard. Using Ctrl and "Minus" will reduce the font size. Another easy method is to hold down the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse away from you. Roll the wheel towards you to decrease font size.
How do I find out what version I have of a program?
Using the mouse, select "Help" from the Menu Bar and then "About . . ." from the Drop Down Menu. The program name and version will be displayed as a result of this.
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